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Meet our veterinary team online with Zoom

Paws in Motion now offers telemedicine to our clients.

In these difficult times where travel to the clinic or home visits may be difficult, we want to put your mind at ease and help support your pet.

We understand how frustrating and at times confusing it can be to help your pet with mobility and pain issues, but there is so much that we can show to help you and your pet.

While telemedicine cannot be used to diagnose or prescribe medication for your pets, our skilled veterinary team can use gait assessment and medical records to help us to guide you in additional support you can give at home.

It’s also a great way to learn new specific exercises that you can do for your pet inside the home.

Which pets can benefit from online consultation with our veterinary rehabilitation team?

  • Pets who are easily stressed with strangers, travelling, or having visitors at home
  • Pets with mobility (musculoskeletal) issues such as weakness and chronic joint disease
  • Senior pets experiencing effects from aging
  • Pets who had surgery and need rehabilitation guidance for home care to help return to normal functionality 
  • Pets opted for conservative treatments for various conditions
  • Pets who need a customised exercise programme for entertainment while staying at home

Benefits of online consultation:

  • A quicker access to veterinary rehabilitation support
  • A comfortable environment for you and your pet to understand your pet’s conditions 
  • Clear instructions to home therapies and home modifications to help support your pets right away

To help us help you, we will need short videos of your pet at home. Clear instructions are provided once we have booked your online consultation. We’ll also guide you in how to set up Zoom for our meeting.

Let us know your pet's needs, we can discuss various ways to help you. 

If you are interested in benefiting from our online consultation services, then please fill out our enquiry form and we offer this option as part of our process.

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